Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Got Problems With Tangled Necklaces? "Necklace Saver" Has A Solution

Yeah I wish my jewelry collection was as nicely organized as those images on the right side of the above graphic!!! But unfortunately my accessory organization looks a bit more like the image below:

Yes, this is an old Philosophy gift set bag that I use to drag around necklaces, earrings, rings, hair clips, or whatever with me when I travel. Most of the time things get a bit tangled up  - it can be a nightmare sometimes. I had just gone through one of these horrible experiences, spending 15-20 minutes untangling a particularly nasty lot of necklaces, when I received a PR Inquiry as to whether or not I'd like to review Necklace Saver. Heck yes!!!

Once I received my Necklace Saver I realized that the idea was pretty simple: Put your necklace through the tube of fabric. I chose my Jewelmint Message In a Bottle necklace as a test run because it gets tangled in my bag quite often due to all the little charms on it. I first untangled the necklace, then unclasped one end and began feeding it through the tube. The process reminded me a lot of putting elastic into the waistband of a skirt but easier. I hadn't ironed the Necklace Saver before giving it a test run, but I suspect of the tube had been wrinkle free the process would have been even easier. In all, it took under a minute to get the necklace properly stowed into the Necklace Saver. After it's through, you re-hook the clasp then independently tied the ends of the Necklace Saver together.

Viola! Necklace saved!

The tube is large enough that you might be able to use this in a way as to save several necklaces with one tube, but you would risk tangles inside the tube. I may have to try this because the end result was very bulky in my opinion...

See what I mean? Yes, I just laid it on top but really, the rest of that bag isn't organized so why would I be any different with this? Yes, I could see it as the start to an organizational system, however. I wonder, though, if the fabric choice adds to the bulk.

Price: Necklace Saver retails for $8.95 at Bead City online. However, according to the website for Necklace Saver a portion of every sale goes to helping orphanages around the world (they mention two specific ones in Armenia, where the inventor Anna Kazanchyan is from originally). Personally, I think this is a little expensive for something I could probably make at home. It really is two rectangles of fabric sewn together so they don't fray and $9 could buy a lot of fabric to make a lot of these in a lot of different sizes!

Bottom Line
I really like the idea of this product, but it is more than I'd pay for something like this.  But overall, great idea!

Full Disclosure
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