Friday, September 13, 2013

American Pi Opening a Second Location in Lebanon

Hi Readers!

I know... I'm really taking a break and re-evaluaiting what I want to do here on this blog, but something came across my desk today that I did want to share with you.

American Pi is a store in downtown Dayton that specializes in selling only American made products, such as clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc. I love the general message about bringing manufacturing back to the US and supporting both our local and national economy by paying attention to brands and where their product is made.

Fortunately, American Pi is opening a second location in Lebenan, OH. This is great for those of you who live south of Dayton. More importantly, I love to see this store expanding!

Here is the official press release information:
American Pi Opening Second Location in Lebanon, Ohio

Dayton, OH - September 12, 2013

American π (pi symbol), a gift and accessories boutique that specializes in items made in the U.S.A.; including apparel, handbags, greeting cards, accessories, personal care and gourmet food items. Since opening just over a year ago the store has seen phenomenal success. American Pi had started through the Activated Spaces program and just a couple months ago, in July, expanded in downtown Dayton to over 2000 square feet to accommodate American made apparel merchandise.

The family owned business had been very vocal about opening in other locations but never expect to so soon after the expansion. "An amazing opportunity was given to us," says Danielle Fritz, CEO of American Pi Dayton, Inc.  "A successful consignment boutique owner, Kelly Gabbard, was ready for the next chapter in her life.  While we were not actively looking for another location we could not pass up the opportunity to take over such an amazing space and a boutique with our same 'vibe'."  The second location for American Pi will be the former Kelly Lane Resale Boutique, 1875 sq ft, located at 748 E. Columbus Ave., Lebanon, Ohio 45036.

The stores passion for items being made in America will continue.  Some products will be exclusive to each location.  However, there are plans to keep many of the consigned Kelly Lane artisans at the Lebanon location, such as Serket Jewelry and Reclaimed Luxury. 

American Pi Lebanon will open to the public for business on October 8th, 2013 and there are plans for a grand opening party later in October.

American Pi Dayton is located at 41 S. Saint Clair St. in Merchants Row of downtown Dayton.

Check out American Pi Dayton and American Pi Lebanon on Facebook.

Image attribution belongs to American Pi Dayton.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Things Need to Change...

I know I haven't been posting a lot. You probably have noticed. And if you didn't, I don't blame you for not noticing. But I don't want to leave this blog severely unattended without giving any possible loyal readers out there an explanation. Here's why I have not been posting as much lately:
  1. I've compromised my beliefs - when I first began Pretty in Dayton I told myself I would never be one of those bloggers who bowed to the whims of the "free sample". And I've noticed, and I acknowledge, that I now tend to post most often things that were sent to me for review. I feel an obligation to post them. I don't feel an obligation to skew reviews in the product's favor (I never will) but to feel obligated to post  based on what I've been sent... I never wanted to feel that way. And I never wanted this to be THAT blog.
  2. I can't hang, part 1 - Two things happened in the last year that have tainted everything I do regarding this blog. One was THIS POST - I gave up my freedom of speech because I was jet lagged and wanted to enjoy my long deserved Italian vacation with my husband. I allowed myself to be bullied for stating my opinion (and my opinion alone). As a result I removed some gorgeous images of some truly wonderful makeup, hair, modeling, and yes even clothing design.
  3. I can't hang, part 2 - Around the same time I was ousted from a blogging roundup group for trying to make some organizational suggestions that the rest of the group. I pretty much flat out stopped trying after this. I don't know if they realized how this exclusion effected me. And of course it was my suggestion that I leave the group - I thought my absence would unruffled any feathers I had inadvertently ruffled. 
  4. I can't hang, part 3  - The negative comments get to me. I have a fragile self-esteem. If I were a bit stronger about it I would have been able handle point 2 above. But I'd be lying if I didn't take every negative anonymous comment left here personally.
  5. Blogging is Costly - There's a pressure to get the latest thing, more of everything, better things. I'm done with that pressure and so is my wallet. I'd rather put that cash to things that will be more meaningful to me, my family, and hopefully to whatever audience I end up having after this Blog. 
  6. Makeup and Nail Polish are NOT My Passions Anymore - While I still love pretty powders and lacquers, I can't remember the last time I really wanted to post a "Face of the Day" or a product review. I just want to enjoy what I have without it feeling like an obligation. I am so NOT "the swatch girl". When the enjoyment is gone it is time to stop. Really. And there are SO MANY other blogs out there that do this better than I.
  7. My Other Interests - If I were to write about anything, I'd want to write about my creative writing, my new sewing hobby, and probably the people I get to meet. Yes, some of that belongs here - but Pretty in Dayton will always feel "Makeup and Nail Polish" to me. If I am to write about the other things, maybe I should recreate myself as just "Styrch" and blog without the title.
 I guess this has been a long time coming considering most of the above is clouds from last year. But most importantly, I need to be happy. "Pretty in Dayton" no longer makes me happy. *sigh*

Good Stuff Coming... I hope.

As I wrap this up, put it on ice, or just tuck it away for a while I do intend to do some wrap up activities:

  1. My Facebook Page will remain Open!!! -  You will always be able to reach me.
  2. I will be doing some GIVEAWAYS!!!! - Remember when I said I didn't want to be "THAT blog" above that reviewed only the things I was sent? Well I have quite a few "free" things that I'd like to pass on to better homes. Keep and eye out on my Facebook Page
  3. I will let you know what I AM doing - When I have definitive future plans I'll post here so if you're interested you can look me up elsewhere.
Thank you for reading this and for understanding. There are many of you out there who I consider MY FRIENDS. Please keep in touch.


Monday, July 8, 2013

LUSH: Bringing A Little Beach To My Bathroom

LUSH Sea Vegetable Soap - provided by PR
Sometimes summer in Dayton, Ohio can be a little lacking... meaning I get envious of my friends posting about trips to the ocean. I can count the number of times I've smelled salt in the air on my hands, my only memories of enjoying drinks in the sand are from my honeymoon... And yes, I will admit to fear of the ocean due to being stung by a jellyfish as a child and a huge love of the movie Jaws.

But I love the salt in the air while listening to rolling waves and drinking a margarita.

In Ohio I can get the former from an app on my phone - the latter salty air has to come from something else.

Enter Lush Sea Vegetable Soap - $7.95

My Experience with Sea Vegetable

While this soap boasts moisturizing properties from sea weed and a salt crust, the biggest benefit I've had from using it is that the entire bathroom smells of limes and the sea! It's a wonderful smell! Margaritas on the beach in Ohio!!!

While there is a slight exfoliation benefit with the texture of the salt crust I do not feel this soap moisturizes any better than other soaps I've used. That's ok by me - I have body lotions for that. It does not dry me out - to be clear. That being said, I always feel clean and refreshed after using it (as one should with a soap).

I love Lush soaps and this one does not disappoint - I get a little taste if the ocean without the crazy shark or searing tentacles.

Bottom Line
If you want to splurge, this is a nice soap. Recommended also just for sent in your bathroom.

This product was provided by PR for review consideration.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My mom is AWESOME!!!

She's selfless, enabling, kind, fun, creative, pragmatic, methodically ridiculous (seriously, she'll take right turns out of her way to avoid a left when driving), and absolutely everyone loves her.

She is the most hospitable person ever. I think she really missed her calling as a baker. She thrives in social situations, but rarely takes over. Her laugh and conversation gets louder the more excited she gets. She's opinionated, but listens. And she always likes to keep everyone in the loop about everyone else (without gossiping - just what's relevant and public) so everyone feels like they they know all of her family and friends instantly.

Did I mention she's super strong too? Woman lifts weights!!!

She'll hate that I used this image but it's what I had available. But pictures aside, she is by far the most beautiful woman I know.

I love you mom!!!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My latest fitness gadget obsession...

Yes, I am now down with the FitBit craze. Yes I got the FitBit One, not the new Flex. But hey, I needed something.

Why did I switch from BodyBugg?
  • I really didn't want to pay an additional fee to continue to use my product every half year.
  • New gadgets are FUN, old gadgets get boring.
  • After quite a long time I did get tired of saying "That thing on my arm is my BodyBugg. It records activity." at nearly every social function I went to. 
In short, it was getting old.

So now, as many months have gone by and my fitness is almost back to Ground 0 (like three years ago fitness), it's time to refocus myself once again on my goal to live a happy healthy life. Hopefully my FitBit will do it.

Bonus: It works with my preferred Calorie tracking app Lose It! Yay!!!!! (I hated the darn BodyBugg food tracker - ugh!)

I'm already hooked up on FitBit to several of my readers (though I think of them more as friends now). If you want to look me up, my username is Styrch. if you can't find me, then send me a message or reply to this post and let's get on this together!

Carry on. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Punky Fun: Sienna Miller, January Jones, Cara Delevingne, and Ginnifer Goodwin

I got this little press release featuring Genevieve Jones Jewelry as worn by Sienna Miller, January Jones, Cara Delevingne and Ginniver Goodwin for the "PUNK: Chaos to Courture" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6th. I thought I'd show you the pictures.

See the punky ladies? Well, quasi punky ladies - I'm not sure I agree that spikes equal "Punk", though they are a component that can be used. Also noticing the black/white trend is in full effect here.

Here's the jewelery I'm supposed to tell you about via the email I received.

Genevieve Jones Clockwise from top left.
Jan Ear Cuff ($375) on Cara and January, Safety Pin Earrings ($1375) on Ginnifer,
Rya Opal Cone Earrings ($900) on January,
Teague Ear Cuff on Sienna ($900).
I wish they were cheaper because I'd jump right on board with that ear cuff Sienna is wearing. Oh well.

I do like the jewelry, but not the price. The ladies, I think, could have all been a bit more inspired. But Hey, I love some spikey fun on a Tuesday Morning. What do you think?

Images provided by PR.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

China Glaze Texture Collection - My Thoughts and Press Release

Warning! Press Release info coming through!!!


China Glaze® Introduces Texture: the Newest Technology in Nail Lacquer

Los Angeles (January 2013): China Glaze® introduces Texture, a unique new lacquer that applies as a crème but dries with a 3D texture effect. Unlike traditional nail art techniques that require multiple steps, Texture only requires one step—painting the nail.  Texture dries matte, but can be combined with China Glaze® Fast Forward Top Coat for a glossy effect. With a finish similar to that of a sugared rim, Texture is the perfect accessory for a beach day, night-on-the-town, or special rendezvous.  

In The Rough— light lime-green with textured grit

Itty, Bitty & Gritty— melon with textured grit

Of Coarse!— bright, cobalt-blue with textured grit

Unrefined— bright pink with textured grit

Bump & Grind— hot pinkish-red with textured grit

Toe-tally Textured— tangerine-orange with textured grit

The China Glaze® Texture collection will be available in May 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide
End Press Release.

My Thoughts
As you know, I've been a super big fan of other one-step textured nail polishes. So when I saw the following Press Release by China Glaze in my inbox I got interested. I'm not interested in the fact that they are doing this collection, but I'm interested because I want to see how they wear in comparison. I've been told I need to check out OPI's line of sandy textured polishes for the same reason.

I haven't done a lot of comparison lately, but with the incredible wear I got from the Zoya Pixie Dust colors I may indeed have to check these out and do a side by side comparison.

Your thoughts?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Quest For My Pretty - Why the Ticker is Gone...

Have you ever had something that is meant to celebrate your accomplishments become a nag? Well, that's the Ticker for me. On top of making it difficult to make NEW tickers I started to realize that the amount of self-loathing I've had looking at that thing over the past months was making it difficult to move beyond it and get back to what is important for me.

And being healthy is very important to me.

This time last year I was where I am now:  up in weight and hating myself for it. Only instead of being 20 lbs off my goal (like last year), I'm not 40 lbs off my goal. I swore I'd never see the number 171 again, much less 191. So yes, the ticker makes me feel like a failure. And I'm not. I've just had very different priorities for the last half a year.

For the last six months I've I've been battling my own anxiety and depression again. I've been working on making my relationship with my husband the best that it can be. I've been nurturing dreams other than fitting into THAT dress.

This time I hope to keep my anxiety over following my program to a minimum. Because it's really not healthy for me to beat myself up over missing a workout, while I advise others to accept it and move on to tomorrow and not make the same mistake twice.

It's time to ditch the Ticker.

It's also time to start anew, begin my journey again.

Thank you for understanding.

Friday, April 12, 2013

(Video) DE-Fi: What I've been working on while I've not been writing on THIS blog.

I've been very absent lately. I do apologize for that. I've had a lot of family things going on, as well as re-evaluating what I want to be doing with THIS space. I hope that you'll understand the lack of content and will stay with me - because good things ARE happening.

Let me give you an example.

DE-FI: Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator
Last year I got involved with the fashion community here in Dayton. Yes, there is one. There's a lot of talent, desire, drive here but it is not necessarily being nurtured in a way that would get that talent ready for the big world. Caressa Brown, who is very passionate about helping people reach their goals in the fashion community, decided to start a new thing here in Dayton: An Incubator. 

What does that mean? We're going to be putting designers, models, makeup artists, photographers, writers etc. who want to get involved in the fashion industry by nurturing them through the process from beginning to end! You wouldn't believe the amount of support and talent we have helping this happen. It has the potential to be huge (and I think it will be).

You can check out this wonderful article on Dayton Most Metro by Caressa describing the new organization.

We've also had our first casting call - would you like to see a hint? Here it is!

My role for DE-FI is Director of Social Media, along with general volunteer. In that above video, though you do not see me, I was the one recording measurements (incorrectly - but we live and we learn).

So yes, I'll be handling a new blog, new Facebook page, new twitter, coordinating other bloggers and other contributors. I'm looking to make this whole thing as lightweight as possible (and Caressa wants me to continue Pretty in Dayton blog). Please understand if during this set-up process posts come slowing from me.

This is in addition to the million other hobbies I have. 

Would you like to follow or get involved? Here's what you might like to check out!

DE-FI on Facebook
DE-FI on Twitter
DE-FI website

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I don't often get "political here"...

... but I'll be branding my support today with this post. I support marriage equality. If you know me personally, you'll see this symbol on my FB profile.

I don't expect my readers to agree with me. I am simply showing my support in honor of the many friends I've had in my life who I believe should have the same right to marry the one they love as I do.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kitty Love - Happy Birthday Cicero!

My little fur-baby is 10 today, or so we have designated.

Happy birthday, little 'Ro!!! We love you no matter how ridiculous you are.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Zoya Pixie Dust Collection (FINALLY)

 I've really gotten out of my habit of reviewing collections. It's hard!And there are bloggers out there who do this WAY better than I do. Better cameras, better nails, better cuticles, better whatever. But the Zoya Pixie Dust collection actually inspired me to get off my butt, not care how BAD my pictures are, and actually write this post - because this collection rocks my socks!

The Glamorous Dahlia

Thank goodness for Picasa, right?

Zoya London
Zoya Pixie Dust Collection
By now, you know the deal with these if you're a Zoya enthusiast like I am. They're matte in texture with TONS of sparkle! You get a little bit of grittiness in the texture because of the uneven surface, but the end result is AWESOME.

  • London - This is a matte smokey gray with silver glitter particles. 
  • Nyx - Rainy day sky blue with silver glitter particles.
  • Vespa - Sea Green with silver glitter particles.
  • Godiva -  Light Beige (see my discussion on the use of the word "nude") with indeterminate color particles (they could be golder or silver, I couldn't quite tell with this one).
  • Chyna - True awesome dark red with dark red glitter particles ( They might have been something else but they sure looked red to me).
  • Dahlia - Black matte with loads of silver glitter particles.
Zoya Nyx
Color-wise, the only one of these I have anything bad to say about is Chyna. She just looked AWFUL on my tips. The texture even seemed different than the others in the collection. The stand out, for me, is of course Dahlia - this black is uber-glam. Between her and London I'm covered for most of my "comfortable" nail days.

Zoya Vespa
Each of these took 3 coats. No base or top coat, though you certainly can use a top coat if you want to make these glossy. I was absolutely AMAZED that the wear was so long WITHOUT a base coat.

Hands down, this is THE BEST formula I've ever had in terms of wear. Do you see my nails in those pictures? Do you see how long they were getting? Most of the time I'd go at a whopping four days before needing to remove and move on with Zoya Pixie Dust Shock and awe, folks. Shock and awe!

The dreaded Chyna  - See what I mean??? Ick on me.

Zoya Godiva
Bottom Line
Snatch up the colors you like right now! Avoid Chyna, but fall in love with Dahlia. Supposedly these are limited edition, but they are coming out with another round in this formula for summer, I hear. I hope they'll become permanent firetruck. Because this formula and collection is a clear winner in my book.

You can purchase Zoya Pixie Dust Collection from Zoya's website for $54 (all six) or $8 individually.

Items featured in this review were provided by PR for consideration for review. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hungry? Try One of the new Savory Teas by Numi Organic Teas

Cubicle shot! - I want these teas in my workplace!
I never thought I'd be suggesting a tea to satisfy hunger, but it appears I've found a couple that at least help my cravings! I'm talking about Numi Organic Tea's  new line of Savory Teas - a  collection of six flavors that defy everything I've thought about tea in the past.  Check out the flavors and these descriptions:

From the Press Release:
Tomato Mint -This bright Mediterranean infusion is reminiscent of the sweet savory scent of stuffed grape leaves (dolmas). The combination of ripe tomatoes, mint leaves, decaf black tea, a touch of cinnamon and lemon peel makes for a zesty, mouthwatering cup. 

Spinach Chive -Layers of steamed spinach greens give way to the mouthwatering fullness of this savory brew. The citrus notes of Numi’s Dry Desert Lime tickle the roof of your mouth as coriander teases your taste buds. Dill, chive and decaf green tea are the perfect finish to this well-rounded, yet complex, blend.

Fennel Spice - Coaxed by the soothing scents of freshly cut fennel, this crisp concoction
will transport you to the enchanting European countryside. The soaring  flavors of sweet licorice envelop the earthy fullness of celery root while slivers of orange peel and decaf green tea delight the palate.
Carrot Curry - Be transported to the heart of India with the rich exotic flavors of curry, turmeric and ginger. Kissed by sweet carrots and bright cilantro, the earthy, vegetal and piquant notes are marvelously woven together into this full-bodied blend.

Broccoli Cilantro - As pungent aromas lure you into this abundant garden, the hearty flavors
of broccoli, celery leaves and cilantro capture your palate. Turmeric and decaf green tea deliver a peppery roundness. Come home and relax to a cup of Broccoli Cilantro’s sweet lingering taste.

Beet Cabbage - A bright crimson hue welcomes you into delightful scents of clove. This
smooth buttery blend is rooted with beets and cabbage and delicately spiced with mustard seed and coriander. The finish is accented by sweet notes of apple and decaf black tea.

Not what you'd expect, right? I had the opportunity to try each of these flavors. I was definitely impressed. Each tea has 5 calories or less, and tastes very much like the broth-like flavor you'd expect them to taste like.  My favorite of the ones that I tasted (which I chose to share with a friend) was the Carrot Curry. It was exactly the right thing for mid afternoon, when I tend to get cravings. Just flavorful enough to make me feel like I'd had something more substantial than flavor laced water. Another good one for that full-meal taste was Tomato Mint. Don't let the "Mint" fool you - you'll get full on tomato sauce awesomeness with this one. Honestly, there wasn't one in this bunch that I didn't like.  And yes, it's true - Beet Cabbage IS red.

So where can you get these awesome teas?
As Februray 15th they have become available on Numi Tea's Website.  
On March 15th they will be available at select Whole Foods stores. 

The suggested retail price is $7.99 and yes, there is a Garden Sampler available if, like me, you can't make your mind up as to which ones you want to try. 

Bottom Line
Totally worth checking out, especially to keep in your cubicle for emergencies cravings of something not-sweet. Yum!

A sample of Numi Savory Teas was provided to me by PR for consideration. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ha! I got Elena's Hat! - Random TVD Fandom Moment

When I saw Ms. Elena Gilbert sporting this hat on The Vampire Diaries I was immediately attracted it. I think I literally yelled at the TV "OMG!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THAT HAT!!!" I'm a sucker for yarn hats. I did a little bit of web searching I was lead to HunkyDoriBoutique on Etsy. I even found a site that shared the news that this hat was going to be on the show (read article here). So I  geeked out, and decided to just go for it. After all, I can knit but I can't crochet! And the price was reasonable (to me).
A couple short weeks later...


It's actually the same dark charcoal color as Elena's hat, but my camera washed it out a little. It's so soft, and so perfectly "not too warm" that I think this time of year is the perfect time to pick one up for yourself.

Better yet, if you can crochet (which I cannot), there is a pattern up on Ravelry too.

Image from TVD - yeah, not sure where this one is from so I grabbed it from the current listing on HunkyDoriBoutique.

You can also find HunkyDoriBoutique on Facebook.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's Talk Chocolate and Sex!

... and Aphrodisiacs!

Got your attention? I hope so. I really wanted to write something different for Valentine's Day. Different for me. I didn't want to do Valentine's looks, or gift ideas. You get PLENTY of those through other blogs, right? So when I was contacted by PR discussing chocolate as an aphrodisiac with tips by Dr. Laurie Steelsmith I got really excited! Dr. Steelsmith, according to PR, is a naturalistic physician among other things. And she's written a book Great Sex Naturally (pictured above) that I've been given the opportunity to read.

Let's talk about Chocolate first!

Back in my undergraduate education, researching chocolate as an aphrodisiac was the project I chose to do for the final year, so I have an old interest. Now I didn't get the best grade on my project - but Dr. Steelsmith puts it much better than my little poster presentation ever could.

So, here's the advice from the Dr. Steelsmith on Chocolate:
"3 Aphrodisiac Effects of Dark Chocolateby Dr. Laurie Steelsmith

Many people have heard that chocolate is for lovers. But it's not just because women love chocolate and get excited about opening a red, heart-shaped box. There's a biological basis for chocolate's sexy effects. Dark chocolate possesses substances that affect our moods, energy, and sexual function in truly remarkable ways. Here are three of them.

Increases blood flow to sexual organs.
Chocolate contains L-arginine, an amino acid that can be an effective natural sex-enhancer for both women and men. It works by increasing nitric oxide and promoting blood flow to your sexual organs, which increases sensation, satisfaction, and desire.

Stimulates and elevates mood.Chocolate is known as a super libido food partly because it is a rich source of PEA, the acronym for phenylethylamine, sometimes referred to as the "love supplement" or the "romance chemical." As a stimulant and mood elevator, PEA can induce sensations of euphoria--and it's naturally released by your brain when you're in love! This chemical promotes the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which enhances feelings of well-being, joy, and pleasure.

Acts as an energy booster.Chocolate really packs an aphrodisiac punch because it also contains the compound theobromine, found in tea and kola nuts as well. This substance works on the central nervous system, causing one to feel stimulated and excited.

Eating chocolate can be a sensual experience, but it is also good for your health. The right type of chocolate can be loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants, making it very beneficial for the physical heart, the organ we associate with love, caring, bonding, and intimacy. If you're going to indulge in chocolate regularly, however, dark chocolate is best--as pure and unsweetened as possible. The extra fat and calories in other chocolate products can end up having poor health consequences and anti-aphrodisiac effects."
Makes it even more yummy, yes?

Book Thoughts  - Now, about Great Sex Naturally...

Great Sex Naturally was written by both Dr. Steelsmith and her husband. Together, they tackle things that affect a woman's libido, including mental and physical health, hormones, and ways to help with just about everything affecting your how you feel and your attitude toward sex. They start off by discussing how the the topic of personal female libido is something that most physicians do not concern themselves with, which resonated strongly with me. I've always found with my doctors that they are usually only concerned if women can make babies and not if they have fun making them. Great Sex Naturally acknowledges this that it  is meant to help fill that gap, at least a little bit.

In this book you'll find information about the female sexual psyche, anatomy, hormones, foods, muscle toning, massage, pressure points, smells - the list is exhaustive! There's even a "detox diet" described in there to help get you up to tip top shape from the inside out (and she gives references on where to purchase supplements and products she recommends). And although the book is meant for women, there's a section on men at the end too. And actually, it might make a good read for a man, just to understand the dynamics involved in a healthy female libido.The book actually makes a point to say that for a libido to be at it's healthiest BOTH partners need to have a healthy libido - like we feed off one another. A very holistic approach!

The writing style does tend to ramble, more so at the beginning. But I do like the approach taken here. Every recommendation is given with clear instructions (dosages in some cases, ingredients in others) all with a wonderful ton of voice that encourages rather that discourages the reader (and I'm a reader who gets discouraged EASILY with stuff like this). I'll fully admit that I myself have not yet tried any of the libido enhancing ideas in this book, but I have a few I have my mind on.

I think the approach taken is interesting - it's not your normal self-help "So your sex life sucks! Try these little tricks!" book. The holistic approach taken by Dr. Steelsmith makes sense if you subscribe to that way of thinking. I think just about every girl could find something to take away from this book, even if it's simply the idea you are born with the right to have "great sex" whatever that happens to be for you.

Disclaimer: The advice in the above post is Dr. Steelsmith's opinion. I can not speak to the scientific nature of the claims about chocolate, nor can I validate the scientific claims in her book. I just got a chance to read it and thought I'd share with you.

The information in this post was provide by PR. I received a sample copy of Great Sex Naturally to read for review purposes only.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Video: Donna Karan Fall 2013

I have a soft spot for Donna Karan. My first designer purchase was from the brand (past article link). Thus I am sharing the fall 2013 show with you!

I always love the dark colors, the streamlined design, and the way Donna Karan's longer dresses just flow! I'm digging the interesting metalic-brown print (was it a burnout???) You'll see it and know which dress I mean.

Here's the Preview:

Sadly I do not have the whole show, but you can find all the images and full show on Donna Karan's website.

What are you loving?

Video provided by PR.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Video: Nichole Miller Fall 2013 Anyone?

widescreen format for News2Know

widescreen format for News2Know

When I think of Nichole Miller I'm always reminded of a the wedding dress of my childhood best friend. She looked like the most gorgeous fertility goddess in it.

THIS collection, I'm going nuts over the menswear inspired aspects of course. You know me - I love it when a woman can toss on suit fabrics and look fabulous!

Here's the Teaser if you don't have time for the full show...

What do you think about the "tattooed arm" look? Is this something you'll be rocking it this fall?

Video was provided by PR.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Video: DKNY Fall 2013 Show, Full Length and Teaser

Who wants to see some DKNY in their life?  ME!!!

widescreen format for News2Know

Now here's the short clip if you don't have time to watch all of that yumminess!

widescreen format for News2Know

I must admit the Pretty Little Liars fan in me grinned seeing Shay Mitchell in that clip. So what did you think? I love DKNY and spend time staring longingly at the pieces that I'll probably never own. But there was this barely visible black chevron skirt in there, and this white sweater... you know I love looking at separates. What stood out to you?

Embed video provided by PR.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tonight! Watch Althea Harper's Fall 2013 Presentation Live


Nothing to do tonight? Good! Come join me virtually!

Althea Harper will be debuting her fall collection tonight and YOU can watch from the comfort of your very own home computer!

The show starts at 5:15 pm Estern. Just go to Althea Harper's News section on her site.

Side note: I've seen a few of these before. Sometimes they are loud and difficult to see detail. But it's always fun to get a glimpse before the lookbooks come out. So I enjoy this stuff! Plus, I want to support our local girl.


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scented Jewelry? Cool! Fragrance Necklace by Lisa Hoffman Beauty

You may remember me raving about my Pomander Pendant from Jewelmint. It's this nifty little necklace that I'll wear sometimes. I stick a cotton ball in it with some perfume on it and wear my scent all day. It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. So when I was pitched the idea of scented jewelry by Lisa Hoffman Beauty, I decided to respond. I'm very glad I did!

Pendent Impressions
The Lisa Hoffman charm design is based off of a piece of vintage jewelry - so says the press kit I received. The design is intricate and delicate looking. On the charm itself there is a small clasp and a hinge. Open it up and you can insert the fragrance beads. You have to make sure the charm snaps shut or you could lose your beads! It's very beautiful and (I think) surprisingly sturdy for something so delicate looking.

The chain of the necklace is very simple. It reminds me of the type of chain you use for key chains. I wasn't enamored with the chain. Honestly, I could see myself trying to find another chain design somewhere or even removing the charm from the the chain and wearing it on my own charm bracelet.

The clasp for how the charm hooks to the chain is super cool! The design is a bit like "c-clamp meets lobster claw". To open it you have to unlatch it, which is not super easy. This is good, because you don't want to lose your necklace! Conversely, it can be a little tricky to close. As with the charm closure, listen for the "snap" and you know it's secure.

The Fragrance Beads
These beads area actually wooden. They are eco friendly and will biodegrade. I am absolutely shocked as to how potent they are! You don't need many to keep your necklace scented (which is good because the charm is small). The scent is supposed to last as long as two weeks - we'll see how that goes. But based on out-of-the-box potency I'm pretty confident that's accurate. The refill bead pots you buy contain about six refills worth of beads.

The scent I received was Japanese Agarwood.  The main notes in this perfume are Bergamot, Spiced Ginger, and Amber. I found the scent very woody, but not in a bad way. The Bergamot is by far the most present scent I smell. It was still light, not over powering. I was reminded a little bit of a great smelling library, something I love. It's not a scent I would normally where, but it is a good enough scent for me to say "yes, I think you can trust the descriptions and yes I think these scents are worth the price in general."

You can use the  iScentify tool on Lisa Hoffman's site in order to find YOUR perfect match from their fragrance library.

Jewelry, Fragrance Beads and The Unfortunate Issue of Choice
Each time you purchase a fragrance necklace (or bracelet, earrings, pendents) you are limited either by your choice of metal, or your fragrance choice. Each metal used is chosen to match the spirit of the fragrance. For example, the Japanese Agarwood scent. The corresponding metal assigned to this scent is bronze plated. Other options include a French Clary Sage with Sterling Silver, Tunisian Neroli with 14k Gold.

I really wish I could choose the jewelry, then choose the scent. I understand that some colors may suit certain fragrances better, but as the consumer I'd want to make that choice rather than have to wear bronze plating if I really wanted silver.

Price and Where to Order
The current price for what I received is on sale for $49 (normally $65).
You can get the Japanese Agarwood set featured in this review, or other scent jewelry sets, directly from Lisa Hoffman Beauty.

Bottom Line
These would make an awesome gift, or an unusual trinket for yourself.

Tip: Figure out which is more important to you (Jewelry or Scent) then order accordingly. Remember, you can always get scent bead refills of a different fragrance to go in to your charm if you're mismatched.

The products featured in this review were provided by PR for consideration.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IT&LY: Two Hair Styles - One Nichole Kidman

Really digging Nichole's looks here so I thought I'd pass them on to you.

Press release info:

Nicole Kidman Award Weekend Style How To's
Producers Guild Awards ~ SAG Awards


Producers Guild Awards

At Saturday night's Producer's Guild Awards, Nicole Kidman's hair sported a peek-a-boo sexy fringe and flirty half up/half down hairstyle. Hairstylist David Babaii created the look using IT&LY HAIRFASHION'S eco-friendly and cruelty free Purity Design Line.

To achieve the look, he blow dried her hair with a mixture of IT&LY's Pure Water Drops with Pure Fluid Experience. This gives the hair a medium touchable hold with no build up plus added shine. Using a medium round brush, David created soft curls and a smooth rounded fringe. To style, he created a dramatic side part for the fringe, sweeping the hair to one side. At the crown. he lightly back combed the area and gently smoothed drawing the sides and top into a sexy poof at the back. The back and nape hair had soft curls using IT&LY's Pure Water Drops to create style definition. To finish, David lightly misted the hair with IT&LY's Pure Definition Hair Spray.

Screen Actors Guild Awards


For the SAG Awards, hairstylist David Babaii showed off her new solid bob haircut with a sleek, super straight look.To create, David began by warming a small amount of IT&LY's Pure Water Drops in the palms of his hands before applying it through the hair. Next, he dried her hair with a nozzle attachment and a large round brush to smooth hair completely straight. In order to achieve flawless straight hair, control is a must. David sectioned her hair first: top, sides and back. To begin, he started by drying the nape area first and then proceeded until her entire head was dry. After creating a center part and to ensure sleek perfection, he finished the hair with IT&LY's Racing Red Professional 1" Digital Iron.

  If you wish to know more about who David Babaii will be styling next or his upcoming styles, follow him on twitter at:
@davidbabaiihair or @ITALY_Hair

For additional information about IT&LY HAIRFASHION Products visit:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Blahs? Check this out! China Glaze Avant Garden Press Release

Only because I'm in the mood for something NOT winter... China Glaze Press Release!!! (Commentary Following).

Start Press Release Info!

Snap My Dragon
China Glaze® Nail Lacquer Invites You to Visit the Avant Garden

Los Angeles (January 2012) – Spring is here and China Glaze® is blossoming with vibrant color with its new collection, Avant Garden. The delectable palette flows between soft hues and vibrant pops of color, offering an unconventional bouquet of cheerful and vivid shades. Take a stroll down the China Glaze® path, passing a bubbling brook of light and bright blues. Take in the view of the mossy green meadow and stop to enjoy the fragrant flowers of soft pink and white. Let Avant Garden take you away to a playful, romantic field of color and innovation this Spring.

The Avant Garden shades include:
  • Budding Romance: moss green
  • Sunday Funday: bright blue
  • Fancy Pants: indigo with pink and purple shimmer
  • Snap My Dragon: bright red with pink shimmer
  • Passion for Petals: bright salmon-pink
  • Mimosas Before Manis: coral with a light wash of shimmer
  • Life is Rosy: blushed mauve
  • Pink-ie Promise: iridescent baby pink
  • Tart-y for the Party: light lavender creme
  •  Fade Into Hue: periwinkle creme
  • Keep Calm, Paint On: sea foam green
  • Dandy Lyin’ Around: shimmery vanilla icing
Sunday Funday
China Glaze® Avant Garden is also available in:
  • 6 Piece Collection of “Blooming Brights”
  • 6 Piece Collection of “Pastel Petals”
  • 12 Piece 3D Counter Display
  • 36 Piece Rack
Keep Calm, Paint On
China Glaze® Avant Garden will be available March 2013. Individual shades retail for $7; 6-piece collections retail for $42.

China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze® on Facebook (@ChinaGlazeOfficlal), Twitter (@ChinaGlaze) and Pinterest (
End Press Release Info

My Pick: Life is Rosy
My Thoughts
The second I saw the name "Sunday Funday" I thought of Ms. Maha And the City and those Bloody Mary's she has me hooked on from Lucky's. So yeah, I'm probably going to have to buy this shade specifically for her Sunday Funday comments. The same goes for "Keep Calm, Paint On", but for my good friend Angela who is always reminding me to keep calm.  But enough about the names...  Colorwise, for some reason "Life is Rosy" really caught my eye. Pink... I know right? What's wrong with me?

And yeah... "Snap My Dragon" also, just for the name. Sometimes you just need a little naughty. :)

What would you get? Let me know below!

#ReadyIs: Hugo Boss's Interesting Campaign and Fragrance Review

I've been neglecting this blog lately, and this review in particular (mostly because I'm not accustomed to reviewing men's fragrances). But in fact, I DO have some interesting things to say here, even if they are a bit rambling.

#ReadyIs Campaign

Man candy! The Ready Is website.
Hugo Boss is undertaking a new campaign called Ready Is. The purpose of it is to market Bottled and Bottle Night as good combo - one for day, one for night. Ready for any situation. I really like the solicitation of ideas, the way this campaign engages the consumer by asking us to fill in the rest of the sentence. It got me thinking - what is "ready?" Further more, is "Ready" different for a man than a woman? Maybe. But for entering YOUR interpretation of what "Ready Is..." you can win a "Boss Bag". To be honest I'm not sure what a "Boss Bag" is, but I don't care. It's fun to look at the comments!

Share YOUR thoughts on what "Ready Is" on the campaign's website!

Now review time!

Bottled - 1.7 oz for $53 at Sephora, or same price at Hugo Boss's Online Store

Notes: Apple, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Tagetes, Geranium, Clove, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Olivewood.

My Experience
This scent is the reason my posting of this review and campaign has been held up. Seriously, I don't think my husband has tried it yet. I gave up, on getting him to wear it and decided to wear it myself. What I discovered is that this is actually a decent Unisex fragrance!  The apple scent is so strong in this fragrance, and the rest of the woody notes make it quite fresh smelling - the right woman could really be able to use it in her arsenal.

Bottom Line
I'll get more use out of this than my husband, I think. It's good for a quirky girl scent for me. I could actually see myself scenting little pillows or other things with this to stick in drawers or closets. It's nice like that.

Bottled Night - 1.7 oz is $52 at Sephora and  the Hugo Boss Online Store, $65 for the 3.5 oz at Hugo Boss Online Store, and $67 at Sephora

Notes: Birch, Lavender, Lemon Leaves, Cardamom, Jasmine, African Violet, Louro Amarelo, Musk, Sandalwood.

My Experience
I DID get to smell this on my husband as well as myself. It's hard for me to get my hubby to try any scent because his skin is very sensitive - but this fragrance passed his test! YAY!!!

Bottled Night is  musky, woody, and fresh - just like you'd expect of a standard men's fragrance. If you wanted to be an international spy and liked scents, you could wear this one - people would know you smelled good but probably not necessarily be able to pick out what it was as a signature scent. It's the Non-Signiture scent! And for some men (maybe most?) that's absolutely fine.

Side note - I must try these two fragrances layered together. I think the apple in Bottled could bring that unusual POP I was looking for  in Bottled Night. 

Bottom Line
It's a great starter fragrance or a good gift if you don't know the taste of the man you're buying for. Think Valentine's Day! 

Have you smelled Bottled and Bottled Night? What's your opinion? Do you think they are the perfect fragrance wardrobe duo to take a man from day to night? Do you think "Ready Is" owning Bottled and Bottled Night?

The products in this review were sent by PR for consideration. Opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kidtee Hello Photograph Is Coming to Dayton in April! Get your spot!

We all deserve at least ONE good picture of ourselves that makes us smile. Right now, the above photo is mine.

I've posted about Kidtee Hello Photography before on this blog and my Facebook page. A few of you have made comments like "I want to look that good!!!" Well here's your chance! Ms. Kattie Foster will be gracing us Daytonites with her presence once again in April. Here are the details:
  • Who: YOU!!!! And Kattie Foster, of Kidtee Hello Photography. And a makeup artist and hair stylist if you so choose.
  • What: The Photoshoot of you dreams! And some awesome photos out of it. Seriously, if Ms. Foster can make me look good she can make you look good! 
  • When: April 6th and 7th
  • Where: TBD - talk with Katti. 
  • WHY????  Because you frakking want to!
Cost Details

  • Base Rate Package -  $75 for a 30 Minute session and a CD of your images WITHOUT retouching (about 40-60 images). One look only.
  • 3 Beauty retouched Images - $125. If you would like hair and makeup the cost is $225. 
  • 2 Looks, and 6 retouched images - $250, hair and makeup is $450
  • A La Cart Retouching - TBD between you and Katti on what you want done. Can cost between $15 and $70 depending on if you want lighting enhancements to body retouching. 
  • A La Cart Sitting FEes -$75 for 30 minutes, $125 for an hour, 2+ Hours is $100 an hour. All sitting fees include a disk of all images unedited and an 8x12 printed image or a Download link.
Above prices do not include weddings or special events. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Release Info: Zoya Pixie Dust Collection

I'm like WOAH!!!!!

Press Release Info:
Zoya PixieDust
Infused with Magic and Wonder!
Featuring the latest “must-have” nail polish finish – Textured, Matte & Sparkling.

This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other. The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this look...

Zoya PIXIE DUST - special edition
Dahlia (ZP656) - Black Beauty sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Chyna (ZP657) - Red Dazzle sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Godiva (ZP658) - Soft Nude sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Vespa (ZP659) - Mint Kiss sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Nyx (ZP660) - Perfect Periwinkle sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
London (ZP661) - Fog Gray sparkle, exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.
Shipping January 15, 2013

Yeah I'm totally excited!!!

Go check out Zoya's website to get some Pixie Dust action!