Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cameron Russell's TED Talk

Many of you have probably seen this already. Perhaps all of you. But I just found this TED Talk very refreshing. I really loved Cameron Russell's honesty. The first two minutes alone (dealing with perception) are fabulous so please at least watch that.

Now let me relate this to my awkward life dancing on the fringes of this industry now and then...

I've been watching a lot of models lately, moistly local, the ones I know. Some of them (I believe) HAVE won the "genetic lottery" that Cameron Russell talks about on here. And yes, during my trip to Chicago and the days following, I did get to see some of the insecurity that Ms. Russell talks about in her talk. It's hard to watch some really BEAUTIFUL people pick apart gorgeous pictures, worry about how they look, think so hard about first impressions. It's even harder to watch these beautiful creatures get very blunt feedback "You are not what we're looking for." Harder, almost, was watching these same beautiful creatures get dismissed from agencies because they were short by a fraction of an inch.

But you know what? Early on I'm pretty sure the "Awesome Picture" or the Facebook Likes on for that catwalk picture can probably even out some of that insecurity. I see these same models getting to "ride the high", so to speak. It's infectious. I grin when I see their success. I hope my new model friends continue to keep their heads high as they progress in this business. Perhaps they can stay strong by remembering just how artificial some of the factors relating to their insecurities actually are.

My new friends - please remember who you ARE. You are ALWAYS more than that "high" you get from getting likes on that Facebook image you just posted of you rocking that shoot.