Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scented Jewelry? Cool! Fragrance Necklace by Lisa Hoffman Beauty

You may remember me raving about my Pomander Pendant from Jewelmint. It's this nifty little necklace that I'll wear sometimes. I stick a cotton ball in it with some perfume on it and wear my scent all day. It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. So when I was pitched the idea of scented jewelry by Lisa Hoffman Beauty, I decided to respond. I'm very glad I did!

Pendent Impressions
The Lisa Hoffman charm design is based off of a piece of vintage jewelry - so says the press kit I received. The design is intricate and delicate looking. On the charm itself there is a small clasp and a hinge. Open it up and you can insert the fragrance beads. You have to make sure the charm snaps shut or you could lose your beads! It's very beautiful and (I think) surprisingly sturdy for something so delicate looking.

The chain of the necklace is very simple. It reminds me of the type of chain you use for key chains. I wasn't enamored with the chain. Honestly, I could see myself trying to find another chain design somewhere or even removing the charm from the the chain and wearing it on my own charm bracelet.

The clasp for how the charm hooks to the chain is super cool! The design is a bit like "c-clamp meets lobster claw". To open it you have to unlatch it, which is not super easy. This is good, because you don't want to lose your necklace! Conversely, it can be a little tricky to close. As with the charm closure, listen for the "snap" and you know it's secure.

The Fragrance Beads
These beads area actually wooden. They are eco friendly and will biodegrade. I am absolutely shocked as to how potent they are! You don't need many to keep your necklace scented (which is good because the charm is small). The scent is supposed to last as long as two weeks - we'll see how that goes. But based on out-of-the-box potency I'm pretty confident that's accurate. The refill bead pots you buy contain about six refills worth of beads.

The scent I received was Japanese Agarwood.  The main notes in this perfume are Bergamot, Spiced Ginger, and Amber. I found the scent very woody, but not in a bad way. The Bergamot is by far the most present scent I smell. It was still light, not over powering. I was reminded a little bit of a great smelling library, something I love. It's not a scent I would normally where, but it is a good enough scent for me to say "yes, I think you can trust the descriptions and yes I think these scents are worth the price in general."

You can use the  iScentify tool on Lisa Hoffman's site in order to find YOUR perfect match from their fragrance library.

Jewelry, Fragrance Beads and The Unfortunate Issue of Choice
Each time you purchase a fragrance necklace (or bracelet, earrings, pendents) you are limited either by your choice of metal, or your fragrance choice. Each metal used is chosen to match the spirit of the fragrance. For example, the Japanese Agarwood scent. The corresponding metal assigned to this scent is bronze plated. Other options include a French Clary Sage with Sterling Silver, Tunisian Neroli with 14k Gold.

I really wish I could choose the jewelry, then choose the scent. I understand that some colors may suit certain fragrances better, but as the consumer I'd want to make that choice rather than have to wear bronze plating if I really wanted silver.

Price and Where to Order
The current price for what I received is on sale for $49 (normally $65).
You can get the Japanese Agarwood set featured in this review, or other scent jewelry sets, directly from Lisa Hoffman Beauty.

Bottom Line
These would make an awesome gift, or an unusual trinket for yourself.

Tip: Figure out which is more important to you (Jewelry or Scent) then order accordingly. Remember, you can always get scent bead refills of a different fragrance to go in to your charm if you're mismatched.

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