Monday, February 25, 2013

Ha! I got Elena's Hat! - Random TVD Fandom Moment

When I saw Ms. Elena Gilbert sporting this hat on The Vampire Diaries I was immediately attracted it. I think I literally yelled at the TV "OMG!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THAT HAT!!!" I'm a sucker for yarn hats. I did a little bit of web searching I was lead to HunkyDoriBoutique on Etsy. I even found a site that shared the news that this hat was going to be on the show (read article here). So I  geeked out, and decided to just go for it. After all, I can knit but I can't crochet! And the price was reasonable (to me).
A couple short weeks later...


It's actually the same dark charcoal color as Elena's hat, but my camera washed it out a little. It's so soft, and so perfectly "not too warm" that I think this time of year is the perfect time to pick one up for yourself.

Better yet, if you can crochet (which I cannot), there is a pattern up on Ravelry too.

Image from TVD - yeah, not sure where this one is from so I grabbed it from the current listing on HunkyDoriBoutique.

You can also find HunkyDoriBoutique on Facebook.