Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hungry? Try One of the new Savory Teas by Numi Organic Teas

Cubicle shot! - I want these teas in my workplace!
I never thought I'd be suggesting a tea to satisfy hunger, but it appears I've found a couple that at least help my cravings! I'm talking about Numi Organic Tea's  new line of Savory Teas - a  collection of six flavors that defy everything I've thought about tea in the past.  Check out the flavors and these descriptions:

From the Press Release:
Tomato Mint -This bright Mediterranean infusion is reminiscent of the sweet savory scent of stuffed grape leaves (dolmas). The combination of ripe tomatoes, mint leaves, decaf black tea, a touch of cinnamon and lemon peel makes for a zesty, mouthwatering cup. 

Spinach Chive -Layers of steamed spinach greens give way to the mouthwatering fullness of this savory brew. The citrus notes of Numi’s Dry Desert Lime tickle the roof of your mouth as coriander teases your taste buds. Dill, chive and decaf green tea are the perfect finish to this well-rounded, yet complex, blend.

Fennel Spice - Coaxed by the soothing scents of freshly cut fennel, this crisp concoction
will transport you to the enchanting European countryside. The soaring  flavors of sweet licorice envelop the earthy fullness of celery root while slivers of orange peel and decaf green tea delight the palate.
Carrot Curry - Be transported to the heart of India with the rich exotic flavors of curry, turmeric and ginger. Kissed by sweet carrots and bright cilantro, the earthy, vegetal and piquant notes are marvelously woven together into this full-bodied blend.

Broccoli Cilantro - As pungent aromas lure you into this abundant garden, the hearty flavors
of broccoli, celery leaves and cilantro capture your palate. Turmeric and decaf green tea deliver a peppery roundness. Come home and relax to a cup of Broccoli Cilantro’s sweet lingering taste.

Beet Cabbage - A bright crimson hue welcomes you into delightful scents of clove. This
smooth buttery blend is rooted with beets and cabbage and delicately spiced with mustard seed and coriander. The finish is accented by sweet notes of apple and decaf black tea.

Not what you'd expect, right? I had the opportunity to try each of these flavors. I was definitely impressed. Each tea has 5 calories or less, and tastes very much like the broth-like flavor you'd expect them to taste like.  My favorite of the ones that I tasted (which I chose to share with a friend) was the Carrot Curry. It was exactly the right thing for mid afternoon, when I tend to get cravings. Just flavorful enough to make me feel like I'd had something more substantial than flavor laced water. Another good one for that full-meal taste was Tomato Mint. Don't let the "Mint" fool you - you'll get full on tomato sauce awesomeness with this one. Honestly, there wasn't one in this bunch that I didn't like.  And yes, it's true - Beet Cabbage IS red.

So where can you get these awesome teas?
As Februray 15th they have become available on Numi Tea's Website.  
On March 15th they will be available at select Whole Foods stores. 

The suggested retail price is $7.99 and yes, there is a Garden Sampler available if, like me, you can't make your mind up as to which ones you want to try. 

Bottom Line
Totally worth checking out, especially to keep in your cubicle for emergencies cravings of something not-sweet. Yum!

A sample of Numi Savory Teas was provided to me by PR for consideration.