Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Zoya Pixie Dust Collection (FINALLY)

 I've really gotten out of my habit of reviewing collections. It's hard!And there are bloggers out there who do this WAY better than I do. Better cameras, better nails, better cuticles, better whatever. But the Zoya Pixie Dust collection actually inspired me to get off my butt, not care how BAD my pictures are, and actually write this post - because this collection rocks my socks!

The Glamorous Dahlia

Thank goodness for Picasa, right?

Zoya London
Zoya Pixie Dust Collection
By now, you know the deal with these if you're a Zoya enthusiast like I am. They're matte in texture with TONS of sparkle! You get a little bit of grittiness in the texture because of the uneven surface, but the end result is AWESOME.

  • London - This is a matte smokey gray with silver glitter particles. 
  • Nyx - Rainy day sky blue with silver glitter particles.
  • Vespa - Sea Green with silver glitter particles.
  • Godiva -  Light Beige (see my discussion on the use of the word "nude") with indeterminate color particles (they could be golder or silver, I couldn't quite tell with this one).
  • Chyna - True awesome dark red with dark red glitter particles ( They might have been something else but they sure looked red to me).
  • Dahlia - Black matte with loads of silver glitter particles.
Zoya Nyx
Color-wise, the only one of these I have anything bad to say about is Chyna. She just looked AWFUL on my tips. The texture even seemed different than the others in the collection. The stand out, for me, is of course Dahlia - this black is uber-glam. Between her and London I'm covered for most of my "comfortable" nail days.

Zoya Vespa
Each of these took 3 coats. No base or top coat, though you certainly can use a top coat if you want to make these glossy. I was absolutely AMAZED that the wear was so long WITHOUT a base coat.

Hands down, this is THE BEST formula I've ever had in terms of wear. Do you see my nails in those pictures? Do you see how long they were getting? Most of the time I'd go at a whopping four days before needing to remove and move on with Zoya Pixie Dust Shock and awe, folks. Shock and awe!

The dreaded Chyna  - See what I mean??? Ick on me.

Zoya Godiva
Bottom Line
Snatch up the colors you like right now! Avoid Chyna, but fall in love with Dahlia. Supposedly these are limited edition, but they are coming out with another round in this formula for summer, I hear. I hope they'll become permanent firetruck. Because this formula and collection is a clear winner in my book.

You can purchase Zoya Pixie Dust Collection from Zoya's website for $54 (all six) or $8 individually.

Items featured in this review were provided by PR for consideration for review. All opinions are my own.