Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My latest fitness gadget obsession...

Yes, I am now down with the FitBit craze. Yes I got the FitBit One, not the new Flex. But hey, I needed something.

Why did I switch from BodyBugg?
  • I really didn't want to pay an additional fee to continue to use my product every half year.
  • New gadgets are FUN, old gadgets get boring.
  • After quite a long time I did get tired of saying "That thing on my arm is my BodyBugg. It records activity." at nearly every social function I went to. 
In short, it was getting old.

So now, as many months have gone by and my fitness is almost back to Ground 0 (like three years ago fitness), it's time to refocus myself once again on my goal to live a happy healthy life. Hopefully my FitBit will do it.

Bonus: It works with my preferred Calorie tracking app Lose It! Yay!!!!! (I hated the darn BodyBugg food tracker - ugh!)

I'm already hooked up on FitBit to several of my readers (though I think of them more as friends now). If you want to look me up, my username is Styrch. if you can't find me, then send me a message or reply to this post and let's get on this together!

Carry on. :)