Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My mom is AWESOME!!!

She's selfless, enabling, kind, fun, creative, pragmatic, methodically ridiculous (seriously, she'll take right turns out of her way to avoid a left when driving), and absolutely everyone loves her.

She is the most hospitable person ever. I think she really missed her calling as a baker. She thrives in social situations, but rarely takes over. Her laugh and conversation gets louder the more excited she gets. She's opinionated, but listens. And she always likes to keep everyone in the loop about everyone else (without gossiping - just what's relevant and public) so everyone feels like they they know all of her family and friends instantly.

Did I mention she's super strong too? Woman lifts weights!!!

She'll hate that I used this image but it's what I had available. But pictures aside, she is by far the most beautiful woman I know.

I love you mom!!!

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