Monday, July 8, 2013

LUSH: Bringing A Little Beach To My Bathroom

LUSH Sea Vegetable Soap - provided by PR
Sometimes summer in Dayton, Ohio can be a little lacking... meaning I get envious of my friends posting about trips to the ocean. I can count the number of times I've smelled salt in the air on my hands, my only memories of enjoying drinks in the sand are from my honeymoon... And yes, I will admit to fear of the ocean due to being stung by a jellyfish as a child and a huge love of the movie Jaws.

But I love the salt in the air while listening to rolling waves and drinking a margarita.

In Ohio I can get the former from an app on my phone - the latter salty air has to come from something else.

Enter Lush Sea Vegetable Soap - $7.95

My Experience with Sea Vegetable

While this soap boasts moisturizing properties from sea weed and a salt crust, the biggest benefit I've had from using it is that the entire bathroom smells of limes and the sea! It's a wonderful smell! Margaritas on the beach in Ohio!!!

While there is a slight exfoliation benefit with the texture of the salt crust I do not feel this soap moisturizes any better than other soaps I've used. That's ok by me - I have body lotions for that. It does not dry me out - to be clear. That being said, I always feel clean and refreshed after using it (as one should with a soap).

I love Lush soaps and this one does not disappoint - I get a little taste if the ocean without the crazy shark or searing tentacles.

Bottom Line
If you want to splurge, this is a nice soap. Recommended also just for sent in your bathroom.

This product was provided by PR for review consideration.