Monday, August 12, 2013

Things Need to Change...

I know I haven't been posting a lot. You probably have noticed. And if you didn't, I don't blame you for not noticing. But I don't want to leave this blog severely unattended without giving any possible loyal readers out there an explanation. Here's why I have not been posting as much lately:
  1. I've compromised my beliefs - when I first began Pretty in Dayton I told myself I would never be one of those bloggers who bowed to the whims of the "free sample". And I've noticed, and I acknowledge, that I now tend to post most often things that were sent to me for review. I feel an obligation to post them. I don't feel an obligation to skew reviews in the product's favor (I never will) but to feel obligated to post  based on what I've been sent... I never wanted to feel that way. And I never wanted this to be THAT blog.
  2. I can't hang, part 1 - Two things happened in the last year that have tainted everything I do regarding this blog. One was THIS POST - I gave up my freedom of speech because I was jet lagged and wanted to enjoy my long deserved Italian vacation with my husband. I allowed myself to be bullied for stating my opinion (and my opinion alone). As a result I removed some gorgeous images of some truly wonderful makeup, hair, modeling, and yes even clothing design.
  3. I can't hang, part 2 - Around the same time I was ousted from a blogging roundup group for trying to make some organizational suggestions that the rest of the group. I pretty much flat out stopped trying after this. I don't know if they realized how this exclusion effected me. And of course it was my suggestion that I leave the group - I thought my absence would unruffled any feathers I had inadvertently ruffled. 
  4. I can't hang, part 3  - The negative comments get to me. I have a fragile self-esteem. If I were a bit stronger about it I would have been able handle point 2 above. But I'd be lying if I didn't take every negative anonymous comment left here personally.
  5. Blogging is Costly - There's a pressure to get the latest thing, more of everything, better things. I'm done with that pressure and so is my wallet. I'd rather put that cash to things that will be more meaningful to me, my family, and hopefully to whatever audience I end up having after this Blog. 
  6. Makeup and Nail Polish are NOT My Passions Anymore - While I still love pretty powders and lacquers, I can't remember the last time I really wanted to post a "Face of the Day" or a product review. I just want to enjoy what I have without it feeling like an obligation. I am so NOT "the swatch girl". When the enjoyment is gone it is time to stop. Really. And there are SO MANY other blogs out there that do this better than I.
  7. My Other Interests - If I were to write about anything, I'd want to write about my creative writing, my new sewing hobby, and probably the people I get to meet. Yes, some of that belongs here - but Pretty in Dayton will always feel "Makeup and Nail Polish" to me. If I am to write about the other things, maybe I should recreate myself as just "Styrch" and blog without the title.
 I guess this has been a long time coming considering most of the above is clouds from last year. But most importantly, I need to be happy. "Pretty in Dayton" no longer makes me happy. *sigh*

Good Stuff Coming... I hope.

As I wrap this up, put it on ice, or just tuck it away for a while I do intend to do some wrap up activities:

  1. My Facebook Page will remain Open!!! -  You will always be able to reach me.
  2. I will be doing some GIVEAWAYS!!!! - Remember when I said I didn't want to be "THAT blog" above that reviewed only the things I was sent? Well I have quite a few "free" things that I'd like to pass on to better homes. Keep and eye out on my Facebook Page
  3. I will let you know what I AM doing - When I have definitive future plans I'll post here so if you're interested you can look me up elsewhere.
Thank you for reading this and for understanding. There are many of you out there who I consider MY FRIENDS. Please keep in touch.