Friday, September 13, 2013

American Pi Opening a Second Location in Lebanon

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I know... I'm really taking a break and re-evaluaiting what I want to do here on this blog, but something came across my desk today that I did want to share with you.

American Pi is a store in downtown Dayton that specializes in selling only American made products, such as clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc. I love the general message about bringing manufacturing back to the US and supporting both our local and national economy by paying attention to brands and where their product is made.

Fortunately, American Pi is opening a second location in Lebenan, OH. This is great for those of you who live south of Dayton. More importantly, I love to see this store expanding!

Here is the official press release information:
American Pi Opening Second Location in Lebanon, Ohio

Dayton, OH - September 12, 2013

American π (pi symbol), a gift and accessories boutique that specializes in items made in the U.S.A.; including apparel, handbags, greeting cards, accessories, personal care and gourmet food items. Since opening just over a year ago the store has seen phenomenal success. American Pi had started through the Activated Spaces program and just a couple months ago, in July, expanded in downtown Dayton to over 2000 square feet to accommodate American made apparel merchandise.

The family owned business had been very vocal about opening in other locations but never expect to so soon after the expansion. "An amazing opportunity was given to us," says Danielle Fritz, CEO of American Pi Dayton, Inc.  "A successful consignment boutique owner, Kelly Gabbard, was ready for the next chapter in her life.  While we were not actively looking for another location we could not pass up the opportunity to take over such an amazing space and a boutique with our same 'vibe'."  The second location for American Pi will be the former Kelly Lane Resale Boutique, 1875 sq ft, located at 748 E. Columbus Ave., Lebanon, Ohio 45036.

The stores passion for items being made in America will continue.  Some products will be exclusive to each location.  However, there are plans to keep many of the consigned Kelly Lane artisans at the Lebanon location, such as Serket Jewelry and Reclaimed Luxury. 

American Pi Lebanon will open to the public for business on October 8th, 2013 and there are plans for a grand opening party later in October.

American Pi Dayton is located at 41 S. Saint Clair St. in Merchants Row of downtown Dayton.

Check out American Pi Dayton and American Pi Lebanon on Facebook.

Image attribution belongs to American Pi Dayton.