I ("Styrch") am the author of the Pretty in Dayton blog. By day I am  a Sr. User Experience Specialist at a well known scientific publisher. By night I spend my time with my  husband and my cats. Currently I live south of Dayton, having been transplanted from my beloved hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan for my career.

My passion for nail polish extends back to childhood when my father forbade me from wearing any nail polish but clear. He relented a couple years after, making this decree to include "light pink". It has been a downhill slippery slope from there.

I have always loved makeup but began to take it on as a hobby in 2004 when I realized purchasing a MAC eye shadow holiday kit was the best distraction from an agonizing salivary gland infection. I was amazed to find there was something out there that excited me,  and it wasn't Clinique, the brand my mother introduced me to at 13. Nothing against that brand at all - but at the time it was very neutral makeup. I have since also learned to embrace the fact that I do LOVE neutrals!

I began watching fashion trends when a good friend  introduced me to Project Runway and I haven't regretted it. It opened up a whole new world of wardrobe choices to me Unfortunately, I realized at the time I could not fit into such lovely frocks and I embarked on my own weight loss and fitness journey.

On the subject of weight loss, which is very near and dear to me, I have struggled with my weight since freshman year of college. After two failed attempts to maintain weight loss after being on Jenny Craig, I am determined to lose the weight I have gained again and to keep it off all by myself. Beachbody has given me the tools to do just that. I have in turn been trying to give this gift back to others who are in need, just as I was.

As always, this blog is my "Quest" to become more beautiful inside and out.

You can reach me at: prettyindayton at gmail dot com

Before - August 10th, 2010After - July 3rd, 2011
185 lbs - 20 lbs lostJuly 3, 2011
Note: I had lost about 20 lbs before my first BEFORE photo due to Turbo Jam. Since then I have taken on ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity, and Les Mills Pump. I also now teach Turbo Kick (the live version of Turbo Jam, TurboFire) at my place of employment to help other cubicle bound bodies get up and moving!

Don't work with me? Well check me out on Facebook and let me know if you need a virtual accountability group. We'll keep each other on track no matter where you are!